Friendship Community Care, Inc. is a nonprofit organization working to build care-based communities for children, adults, and seniors with disabilities.



Friendship Community Care is a forward-thinking, humanitarian organization that promotes excellence and leadership in the care we offer our communities.



Friendship is committed to the improvement of human life by providing opportunity for growth and development within a life-cycle of care while ensuring the welfare, safety, and security of those placed in our trust. We do this by delivering high quality, cost efficient services to those we serve.



We envision a state where every community receives quality services that provide children, adults and seniors individualized opportunities in growth and development, thus enabling them to lead dignified lives.

FCC’s Community for Children provides Early Intervention support, Kindergarten Readiness programs, and Therapy services for children with developmental delays.

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A Survey Team from CARF International will be visiting
Friendship Community Care July 28 – July 30

FCC invites CARF to evaluate how well we meet international standards for quality every year. View our Agency Announcement  for information on how you can request to be surveyed by a CARF representative for our 2014 review.

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We’re happy to answer any questions you have. Please call our State Headquarters directly at (479) 967-2322.

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