Friendship Community Care is a nonprofit organization

serving children and adults with disabilities.



We’re a forward-thinking organization that was created to empower families and individuals navigating life with a disability. We invest in community-based care concepts across our state so that we can work to empower those we serve to be active and productive members of the communities they live and work in.



We’re committed to the improvement of human life by providing a life-cycle of care to the families we serve, and by pairing high quality services with affordability. We continually seek new and engaging community outlets for those within our care while also ensuring the welfare, safety, and security of those placed in our trust.



We believe every community across the state has its own unique opportunities to offer growth and increased quality of life for their members living with a disability. We’re now expanding our reach to help every town, city, community, and school district within the state of Arkansas achieve their highest potential in doing so.



Friendship Community Care provides the highest quality of care for our communities. We’re proud to be CARF accredited.

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Allen is gearing up for Kindergarten.

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