A Year in Review

The Mini-Annual Report



To our Friends of Friendship;

Our vision this year has been driven by the desire to be a leading, forward-thinking, non-profit organization that provides life changing services in our communities. We partnered with you, our communities, our peers and our volunteers to fulfill this vision – without you we could not fulfill our goals, and we want to recognize and thank you! We are delighted to present you with a mini-annual report, showcasing a snapshot of how your participation has helped to achieve significant milestones this year.

Together our footprint is changing the lives of individuals and families across the state every day, and making our towns and cities stronger by helping children, adults, seniors, caregivers, and their families reach their full potential within their communities.

It is my pleasure and commitment to continue our work together through leading this wonderful organization. I am so proud of all we have accomplished.

On behalf of our staff, our clients, and myself – thank you for your support.

Cindy Mahan

CEO, Friendship Community Care, Inc.

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Pediatric Services

Adult Services

Senior Services

Community Supports

Departmental Recaps



  • After months of research and collaboration, Credible was chosen as the software for Friendship’s Electronic Health Record (E.H.R.) platform.
  • A large team met weekly from Jan 2015 to Dec 2015 developing the necessary infrastructure for capturing the required documentation in Credible.
  • On January 4, 2016, FCC went “live” with the implementation of the new system in pediatrics and adult day services. as of June 30, 206, all but three service areas are utilizing Credible consistently.
  • The remaining three areas include community supports, case management and personal care; all of which are anticipated to be utilizing theE.H.R. system by December 21, 2016.
  • In the spring of 2016, the organization experienced a complete reorganization and restructure at the executive level. The results include CFO and COO positions and the establishment of four operational regions for the state: Central/South, North, East and the River Valley Region.


  • Friendship Pediatrics’ Therapy Group sponsored a continuing education training for all of our professionals on Neurodevelopmental Techniques (NDT). NDT can be applied to individuals served by PT, OT or ST and individuals of all ages with neurological deficits can benefit from the techniques.
  • Friendship Pediatric Services’ statewide division received a training in August 2015, from Arkansas State University titled Powerful Interactions.
  • The Pediatrics division continues to focus on providing evidenced based interventions for dahabilitation, autism interventions, and various other developmental interventions to enhance the developmental potential of each child served, and is fully staffed in therapy across the state.
  • Children at all sites attended greater than 80% of scheduled services throughout the year.
  • Pediatrics ended the year with a profit.


  • The implementation of the WIOA law on July 22, 2016 changed the world of sheltered work as we have always known it. WIOA prevents individuals between the ages of 18-24 from being able to work inside a sheltered workshop. The FCC team worked, and continues to work, diligently, to provide opportunities for individuals that are directly effected by this law change, and to ensure that those we serve have meaningful days. For most 18-24 year old graduates, that has meant work opportunities. For others, that has meant enrolling in a day program that exceeds their expectations for a meaningful day. Including but not limited to: top of the line therapies from therapists that specialize in working with adults with disabilities, partnering with a local dance studio to provide professional dance classes on a weekly basis, and volunteering time at various organizations across the state.
  • The Job Path brand was established in the 2015-2016 fiscal year for our employment efforts.  FCC opened three office spaces to provide employment training in Bryant, Fayetteville and Russellville. We fully expect for the Employment First initiative to take off this year in a big way, and FCC is currently leading the state of Arkansas in supported employment.
  • The biggest project that the Employment side of our agency took on this year was providing job coaches for the PROMISE grant. FCC had the opportunity to serve around 90 students with job coaches between May and August, 2016. Through doing this, we were able to spread our presence into the North Eastern Region of the state and increase our presence in Central and NWA as well. The summer went so well, that FCC was asked to provide Job Development as well as Job Coaching for the NEA region in 2017.
  • The Siloam Springs Adult Development program was re-opened during the 2015-2016 fiscal year. It had a slow start, but has started to grow steadily. We are excited to see this program grow more in the 2016-2017.

Community Supports

  • The Community Supports Department has continued to grow and develop over the past year.  One major component of this growth has been the implementation of our new EHR, Credible. 100% of consumers have face sheets and basic information in Credible making information much easier to access in the field.
  • All Supportive Living and Case Management billing has been submitted through Credible since January 1, 2016 providing tools for better tracking and access to data.
  • Document Control was improved with the implementation of SharePoint. The Community Supports Department documents were uploaded to SharePoint on June 15, 2016 in effort to streamline document storage and access.
  • These efficiencies were necessary to support the somewhat rapid growth that we have experienced in the waiver department both in people served and locations.
  • FCC started providing waiver/residential services to 11 new waiver consumers and continued to expand to all corners of the state.
  • One of our Community Supports  Directors attended the National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities leadership Institute in January in Delaware.
  • One DSP attended the annual NADSP Conference in Atlanta  Georgia.
  • This year we also added 6 month and annual follow up to our updated Referral spreadsheet in effort to keep up with those that reached out for FCC help.
  • Case Management and Coordination monthly trainings have been implemented and are going great.

Marketing + Development

  • As Friendship Community Care continues to expand it’s reach to provide necessary, life-changing services, the challenge of the Marketing and Development department is to pave the way by providing beautiful, creative and informative marketing pieces, both traditional and digital, to keep our communities informed.
  • The expansion in to Employment Services has been the real challenge as the development of these programs has been growing in multiple locations across the state simultaneously.
  • Whether it was PROMISE, Job Path, Ticket to Work or transition services for youth, each individual program and location required it’s own unique portfolio of marketing materials. Each programs portfolio content consisted of brochures or marketing cards explaining the unique benefits of the service to the consumer/employer, letterhead, envelopes, business cards, signage for each location, community exposure efforts through Chambers of Commerce, radio, community events, conference booths, Rotary and social club meetings, press releases and whatever other modem of communication was appropriate for the community.
  • All of this while continuing to push our FCC brand forward as we move ever closer to the release of individuals from the waiver wait list in the coming year. Billboards, television commercials and radio are all being considered or have already been placed into motion to assure Friendship Community Care is uppermost on the minds of families as they reach out for a service provider.


  • streamlined HR’s Job Application process by enhancing FCC’s online Job Application process, and is currently doing the job of 1.5 Human Resource data entry positions.
  •’s “Our Stories” page launched new stories throughout the year that received over 72,000k views collectively.
  • A Physicians Portal was launched on to allow partnering pediatricians easy access to our Ages and Stages questionnaires and Program Referral packets in both English and Spanish.
  • The online Donate flow was updated to allow donors get specific, and donate ‘in honor of’ a special person they would like to honor through their gift, or request that their donation be given to a specific location.
  • Job Path Employment efforts were added to through a proxy URL: “”, which currently serves as a placeholder informational page as we work to launch a full Job Path Employment website.
  • FCC’s Social Media presence elevated to over 15k statewide followers, collectively.

Information Technology

  • Improved the security and usability of our remote networks by connecting our preschool sites to our central network via site-to-site Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnels.
  • Installed Wi-Fi accessibility at our preschools and larger locations.
  • Lowered total cost of ownership (TCO) of our infrastructure, improved user security as well as enhanced user productivity by completing the migration to Office 365.
  • Improved communication within the organization in two major ways: 1) by Deploying Skype for Business and 2) Deploying high quality custom Tele Communications carts to our remote facilities.
  • Lowered the TCO of our internet services while improving performance at many of our sites via Wireless 4G LTE Connections from Verizon Wireless.
  • Improved the usability, performance and security of our workstations by taking advantage of free Windows 10 OS Upgrades from Microsoft in addition to improving overall performance by upgrading many of our workstations HDDs to SSDs.
  • Helped with the implementation and deployment of Credible, our electronic health record/billing application. We are still working to implement full front line entry of services for our Community Programs, but hope to have that accomplished in the Spring of 2017.


  • Auditors have not completed the audit for fiscal 2015-2016 at this time. The audit will be completed by month end and presented at the January 2017 board meeting.
  • We are on track to have another clean audit for 2015-2016.
  • All HUD Audits have been completed with no findings.
  • Experienced some issues this year in regard to the implementation of our new electronic health records software. We implemented Credible in January 2016 and experienced some billing issues which have since been resolved.
  • Downsized our department. Due to the implementation of Credible, we need not refill a data entry clerk and also have not replaced our Senior Accountant over billing who resigned due to health reasons.
  • Plan to revamp this position and hire a Controller position to help with overall accounting supervision in 2017.
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