Adult Services




Our Adult Development team gave back to their community and improved their green space

Adults supported through our Benton location received a grant from the Arkansas Coalition For Obesity Prevention – they paired the grant with funds they were able to raise at their first annual Pasta 5K Dinner to design and build a new greenhouse with raised flower beds (which makes them handicapped-accessible). The community’s local HAT Club generously donated time and labor to fully construct the greenhouse – and the center is now busy growing vegetables to soon sell at local market stands. The adults who receive support through our programs also increased their community volunteer participation levels this year – the Vocational Training class organized volunteers at the Salvation Army on a monthly basis, and assisted with the loading and unloading of their food trucks to separate and deliver food for local families in need.

Nibs became a part of our therapy team

Our therapy team welcomed a new member – Nibs, a golden lab. Nibs is a Facility Therapy dog who traveled all the way from Florida to join the Friendship family. His therapeutic and comforting presence instantly made a big impact – the atmosphere within every therapy session he’s a part of is instantly uplifted.

We created new business models

The adults placed in FCC’s supportive employment programs continue to obtain community employment, and this year provided an uptick in the number of students transitioning from high school into the work force. In addition to opening a third Pottery Worx location in Siloam Springs, our Adult Services team launched two new businesses models this year – Laundry Worx, and a floor cleaning business. Laundry Worx has obtained multiple contracts to provide laundry service, and our floor cleaning business has secured several contracts as well to wax and buff floors in office buildings throughout the communities we serve. These business models provide jobs for adults with disabilities who are supported by FCC – and they are really good at their jobs! When an FCC location needs lawn care or floor maintenance, we hire them to get the job done. Not only because we’re proud of them – but also because they’re great at what they do.

We focused in on health + wellness

The Adults we support work hard to stay healthy – and they’re a little competitive, too! This year they exercised their bodies and connected with their communities by participating in the United Games with the Special Olympics, by creating their first Softball team, and by holding their 8th Annual Hog Rally. Our Adult Services team also supported overall health for the Adults we support by enlisting consultants who specialize in training and individual nursing plans, and by hosting a State Nurse Meeting of IDD Nurses to share ideas and explore innovative care options.

Our Supported Living program boosted their people power

This year we began contracting with licensed mental health professionals to development new Behavior Management plans and brought in interns from Arkansas Tech University. These movements led the initiative to lighten the case load for every Case Manager across the state – we’ve since decreased all case loads from 33 to 28-30, gifting them more time to focus in on individual needs of the Adults they help to support.