We’re Building a Community of Champions

The Community of Champions is a grassroots effort to coordinate people around Arkansas to work together with parent-advocates and self-advocates to ensure that the needs and issues of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are supported.

Take Our Pledge

I pledge to join the Community and become a Champion for Arkansans with intellectual and developmental disabilities by advocating for the issues affecting their ability to live in the community. As an advocate, I will work together with the Community of Champions and individually champion for the needs of individuals as a future voter, through social media and as a leader among my peers.


Join the Community & Become a Champion

The Community of Champions is an advocacy group joining with Arkansas’ self advocates and parent advocates to ensure the rights of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are respected and protected.

Advocates are VITAL: Vote. Include. Talk. Advocate. Language.

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To help us find one another, please use our hashtags:

#CommunityOfChampions          #iChampion4IDD

Peer Advocacy Training for Your Classroom

Join our advocates. Community of Champions Peer Advocacy Curriculum is availalble for you to use in your classroom or social organization.


Individuals with disabilities are as unique and diverse as people without disabilities. For this reason, issues concerning Arkansans with intellectual and developmental disabilities are multi-faceted and complex.

Members of the Community of Champions become increasingly knowledgeable on these issues so they can provide long-term support in the future.

Business owners, potential employers, educators focused on inclusion, and as voters who will impact local, state and national matters, your awareness and involvement will help create a favorable community on behalf of those whose voice is often unheard.



If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via

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In partnership with the Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities, Friendship Community Care is working across the state to nurture and empower future champions for those with developmental disabilities.

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