Make a General Donation

General donations help FCC with today’s most pressing needs.

If you’re not sure where to start but you know you want to help, this is the perfect place to begin. You’ll receive a tax receipt upon donation, and a follow-up on exactly where your dollars land as soon as they find a home.

Honor Someone You Love

Honored donations recognize specific individuals as you give.

If you have a special person or specific location that you would like to honor, this option allows you to get specific. You’ll receive a tax receipt, and have the option to send your honoree a beautiful note written in your own words.

Give a seat at the table.

Danny’s wheelchair is much taller than the stations and tables used in the classroom. So Danny uses a specially designed, ergonomic chair which allows him to sit, for the first time in his life, on the same level as his peers.

Although seemingly simple in design, these chairs are quite expensive (~$700), but are worth so much to kids like Danny who deserve nothing less than a seat at the table.



Give friendship.

FCC’s Pediatric team serves children diagnosed with disabilities, and children who are experiencing developmental delays due to environmental influences.

You can ensure your gift lands directly with our Pediatric team by donating here.


Give dignity.

FCC’s Adult Development team ensures that children diagnosed with disabilities grow into awesome grown-ups, who are active and healthy members of their community. They provide supported employment, residential opportunities, and family respite options for adults 21 years and older navigating life with a disability.

You can ensure your gift lands directly with our Adult Development team by donating here.

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