Success Stories

Success Story: Peyton

I wanted to let you know how much our family truly appreciates Friendship. Our daughter attended Friendship in Siloam Springs for about 9 months and during that time we watched our lives change day by day. When Peyton started at Friendship she would only squeal and wasn't walking, now she talks constantly we still don't walk much because we are busy running! The staff at Friendship put their heart and soul into our daughter and because of that she no longer qualifies and is now attending a preschool. Thank you so much! I will sing your praises forever!!!

-Sarah Scroggins

Success Story: Colton

coltonColton came to MiChild West in late September of 2009 with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. He started at the age of 2 ½ . Colton did not have very many functional skills. He made very little eye contact and stayed dysregulated most of the time, crying and wanting adult comfort. He would not interact with toys or people in a purposeful way. He is now able to make eye contact with people and interact with his surroundings. In the last month, he has begun to play with toys functionally and purposefully. He now tolerates hand-over-hand assistance when completing tasks such as building a tower of cubes and feeding himself. He is now being transitioned into eating more solid foods and is tolerating this well. Though still non-verbal, Colton is finding ways to better communicate every day. His vocalizations and gestures have increased, and he is beginning to functionally use his picture schedule with hand-over-hand assistance. Amber, Colton's mother, said, "He is beginning to show understanding of what is asked of him at home and is better able to communicate his wants and needs. Colton seems to be less frustrated than he used to be when trying to complete tasks and communicate." She and Danny, Colton's father, "are very pleased with the progress Colton is making at MiChild West."

I know we have not begun to reach Colton's full potential, but with his parents, teachers, and therapists using a specialized approach and the TEACH method, we are well on our way!

Success Story: Cheryl
Cheryl Clark started attending classes at Arkansas Beauty College last year because she said she really wanted to do something better for herself. We are pleased to announce that she graduated on July 2nd this year. She took her practical examination in August and received a passing score of 89%. She also took her written exam on September 24, 2010 and received a passing score then too. She now has her license to practice cosmetology in the State of Arkansas! We are very proud of Cheryl for this accomplishment. She has inspired others to begin the process of pursuing their educational goals through her statement, "If I can do it, anybody can do it."

Success Story: Jaiden

We first met Jaiden as an infant and the diagnosis of Down Syndrome was still very new to her parents.Her family was still trying to find their way as the parents of a child with special needs. Jaiden’s mom was desperately seeking any information that would assist the family in helping Jaiden become as independent as possible. They still had dreams for her despite her special needs. From the beginning, her parents expected as much from Jaiden as they would a child without a diagnosis. They have been an integral part of Jaiden’sexperience with us and because of their support and high expectations; Jaiden is one of our stars!! She is now potty trained, communicated her wants and needs very well, gets where she wants to go, knows more of the alphabet than any other child in the center and brings a smile to everyone she come in contact with. Jaiden has been our “celebrity” and team leader at the last three Down Syndrome Buddy Walks. On her 5th birthday, Jaiden’s mom brought the staff a birthday cake and card with the words, “Thank you for celebrating Jaiden,” as a way of showing her gratitude. Jaiden goes to kindergarten next fall which is bittersweet for all of us but we know she will go prepared and ready to take this next step. There is no doubt that with her parent’s expectations and her tenacity, Jaiden will become the independent daughter her parents dreamed of before she was born.

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Autism Awareness Month April 2ND 2012


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