Arkansas Better Chance (ABC)

ABC pageIn addition to income below 200% of FPL, the original Arkansas Better Chance program has other guidelines under which a child may be eligible for services. These factors are listed below along with acceptable documentation for each:

1) Parent without a high school diploma

2) Low Birth Weight

3) Teen parent at child’s birth (Under 18 years of age)              

4) A family with history of substance abuse/addiction

5) Be eligible for services under IDEA              

6) A family with a history of abuse or neglect or be a victim of abuse or neglect

7) Developmental delay as identified through appropriate screening

8) Limited English Proficient 

9) Be income eligible for Title 1

ABC page2Free program for qualifying families!

Learn more about the ABC program by calling (479)747-4436

Friendship Community Care provides ABC services at our Pottsville, Marshall, West Fork and Bryant facilities only.

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