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resize Preschool Services pageThe following pre-school programs promote individualized services for children from birth through age five, including preschool;  self-help skills; and physical, speech and occupational therapies as prescribed by the child’s physician. The families are also assisted in obtaining medical and psychological care for their children. Snacks and nutritious meals are provided.

Many consider Friendship’s MiChild Enrichment Centers as  premiere childcare centers. Experts attribute MiChild’s success to its emphasis on integration, as children with and without disabilities work side-by-side in each classroom. Quite strategically, the goal of Friendship integrated program is to facilitate overall positive development in the pre-school setting. Focus is on enhancing each child’s pre-readiness skills prior to enrollment in public schools.

resize Preschool Services page2Beyond MiChild, in various locations throughout the state of Arkansas, the Arkansas Better Chance (ABC) Pre-School Program offers services for at –risk children from ages three to five. These sites are state-quality approved, with staff obtaining a minimum of child development accreditation (CDA) through local universities or colleges.

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