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Medicaid Waiver

The ACS Waiver is a state and federally funded program for individuals with developmental disabilities with an age of onset before age 22. ACS Waiver Program is an alternative to institutionalization. An individual in the ACS Waiver lives as independently as possible in the home or community.

Friendship Community Care, Inc., the Department of Developmental Disability Services (DDS), the individual and their family will develop a person centered service plan to meet each individual’s needs.

How to apply

Application packets may be picked up at the local DHS office.

We encourage all parents whose children meet the ACS Waiver requirements to complete an application to get their child on the waiting list. The waiting list is long; however, having their child on the waiting list  will give parents an additional option for services as their child grows older..  

If assistance is needed in the application process, please feel free to contact one of our staff either in children or adult  services at 479-967-2322 ext. 290

Department of Developmental Disability Services
Children: 501-682-2277
Adults: 501-682-8678 or 501-683-5687



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