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Residential Services

Friendship Community Care provides a wide range of residential options to allow individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities the opportunity to live in the most independent setting. Friendship operates residential programs that offering graduated levels of support to reflect the needs and priorities of those being served. Person-centered supports are designed to be accessed at all levels, from intensive services twenty-four hours a day to oversight and guidance only a few hours/week.

Housing Options

Independent Living Program

Friendship Community Care’s comprehensive training to prepares adults who have a mild disability to live as independently as possible. Monthly group meetings are provided for parents/caregivers to assist them in supporting their relative in transition to greater independence.

Supported Homes

Individuals with higher capabilities often enjoy the sense of freedom and self-sufficiency derived from living in a supported home or an apartment. Many of these individuals hold jobs in the community or volunteer their time supporting other non-profit causes. As always, members of the Friendship family are supported at home as well as their place of employment as needed, depending on their level of self-sufficiency.

Community Living Arrangements (CLA)

Others, perhaps with greater developmental skills, enjoy Group Home living which that places them with housemates of compatible interest and capabilities. Group Homes or CLAs provide ‘round-the-clock personal support, and emphasize personal potential and involvement in the community.

Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF)

Designed for individuals with profound challenges, Friendship’s Young Homes Intermediate Care Facility provides maximum oversight in a safe and reassuring environment with nursing, therapeutic, medical and psychiatric support.


Residential Facilities: 

  • Archway Apartments
  • FCLNC Apartments- Marshall
  • FCLNC Apartments- Mt. View
  • Friendship Living- Bryant
  • Friendship Community Living- Clarksville
  • Grace House
  • Heritage House
  • Russellville Heritage Apartments
  • Valley Housing Atkins
  • Valley Housing Dover
  • Valley Housing Russellville
  • Whitley Place Russellville
  • Young Homes- ICF/ID

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