Friendship Community Care was founded by Cindy Mahan in 1972.

Since it’s inception, Cindy has built FCC into the largest statewide organization providing humanitarian care to families navigating life with disabilities.

After receiving her Masters of Science in Child Development and Psychology from the University of Arkansas, Cindy armed herself with Special Education certifications to work with the Elizabeth Richardson Center. With a heart for seeing children with developmental and intellectual disabilities blossom into adulthood, she soon set out on her own to build a community care system that would meet unmet needs for families learning how to navigate life with disabilities.

Throughout its growth, the mission of Friendship Community Care has been driven by Cindy’s passion to provide a full life-cycle of care that enables children diagnosed with disabilities to grow into independent adults. Under her leadership, FCC continues to develop and expand programs that empower and educate families within a statewide community of support.

 “Wherever the need is, we will go.”

– Cindy Mahan, CEO



We’re a forward-thinking humanitarian organization that promotes excellence and leadership in the care we offer our communities.



We pair high quality services with affordability, while also ensuring the welfare, safety, and security of those placed in our trust.



We envision all communities where people with disabilities receive quality services that empower them to lead dignified lives.

Our Locations

The Friendship Community encompasses over 40 locations in cities and towns of all sizes across the state of Arkansas.

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