Why FCC?

We’re in the business of uniting communities.
We empower people to live with dignity, happiness and pride.


Find roommates or living arrangements with a comfortable and familiar environment. We’ll help you find a living space that meets your needs and fits your budget. Need a roommate? We can help you find that too.


Lack of dependable transportation is a key obstacle to gainful employment and future success. Which is why we’re empowering your community to take part in our Ride Path program. Download the app to schedule your ride.


JobPath helps people transition into fulfilled and gainful employment. Making a living isn’t just about the monetary gain. It’s about enhancing your quality of life, and walking your path with pride.


Physical mobility is the cornerstone of lifestyle challenges facing our clients. We offer Physical Therapy options, specialized equipment, and personalized care plans. Both in your home and out in your community.


Education is the key to future wellness and stability. We partner with high schools in every county of the state, to empower students with confidence to blaze their post-graduate trail.

Home Environment

We provide the tools to help families grow a loving home environment. Become a verified foster care family. We provide you with all services and equipment required for children with disabilities.

Access to Friendship Community Care changes lives.
We see success stories happen everyday.

our mission

We’re a forward-thinking humanitarian organization that promotes excellence and leadership in the care we offer our communities.

our values

We pair high quality services with affordability, while also ensuring the welfare, safety, and security of those placed in our trust.

our vision

We envision all communities where people with disabilities receive quality services that empower them to lead dignified lives.

It’s a solid investment; access to dignity, happiness and pride is perhaps the most powerful set of tools that humanity has ever known.

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Your Support Matters

The work we do is important to countless thousands of individuals. FCC is supported, in part, by the generosity of our donors. Make an impactful investment by helping us continue the vital work we do everyday.
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