Friendship Community Care changes lives.
We see success stories happen everyday.

Friendship Community Care is a nonprofit organization
serving children and adults in Arkansas with disabilities & complex support needs.

our mission

We’re a forward-thinking humanitarian organization that promotes excellence and leadership in the care we offer our communities.

our values

We pair high quality services with affordability, while also ensuring the welfare, safety, and security of those placed in our trust.

our vision

We envision communities where people with disabilities receive quality services that empower them to lead dignified lives.

On behalf of Friendship Community Care Board of Directors, Management Team, and all of Friendship Community:

As Arkansas’s leader in serving children and adults with disabilities, behavioral health, and complex support needs, Friendship Community Care is compelled by good conscience and moral obligation to use our expertise to ensure that we continue serving all of our consumers without regard to race or color.  We want to be part of advancing the national dialogue that is going on around the United States to help bring about real, lasting change everywhere.

At Friendship Community Care we work to empower people with disabilities and behavioral health needs and to lead dignified lives. We hope that this empowerment will positively impact people of color in Arkansas. We want to be sure that there are no barriers to our services that might disparately impact our minority populations.

Our mission is to be a forward-thinking humanitarian organization that promotes excellence and leadership in the care we offer our communities. We take our mission to the people we serve seriously and have always emphasized the importance of our mission to our employees.

We serve vulnerable populations through our work and understand that vulnerable populations are often denied the rights we as Americans hold so dear – including to be valued, to be respected, and to be heard.

We recommit to using our position as an organization, employer, and member of the Arkansas community to make sure that the care we offer our communities and the individuals we serve is free from racism and that the rights that should be afforded to all Arkansans and Americans are protected and honored.

Friendship Community Care, Inc. provides the highest quality of care
for our communities. We’re proud to be CARF accredited.


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