Adult Development


Friendship Community Care provides community outlets and employment opportunities for adults navigating life with a disability. FCC offers programs that incorporate individualized job opportunities, support services, residential options, and non-medical transportation with one mission in mind – to foster a happy and secure quality of life for the adults in our care. We also provide Waiver Support Services, and take great care in ensuring that each individual we serve – along with their families – are matched with skilled support professionals who become experts on each personal plan of care, are passionate about increasing personal quality of life, and who ultimately encourage independence and overall happiness. 



We believe that everyone deserves dignity, happiness, and the pride of a job well done.


Adult Development Services


Supportive Living
Direct Care Supervision 
Supportive Employment 
Case Management 
Family Training
Community Experiences 
Adaptive Equipment 
Psychology + Therapy Services 
Non-medical Transportation
Specialized Medical Supplies 
Nursing Consultation

FCC offers fun Day Programs, too!

Medicaid Waiver Services

Meet Your Community Alternative


FCC is the largest agency in the state of Arkansas providing Medicaid Waiver Support services.
We incorporate all traditional aspects of the state support program, while also offering all of FCC’s uniquely created program outlets for community integration, supportive employment, and supportive living.

Adults in Supportive Employment


Program Satisfaction Rate

Adults in Supported Living


Qualified for Waiver Services? We’re here, and we can help.

Connect directly with our Waiver Support team.

1-800-461-1793, ext. 358

(we’ll walk you through all support options, and the financial aid process, too)

Meet Barry.


Barry works in a local school kitchen through FCC’s Supportive Employment program – his job is to help prepare and serve lunch service on school days.




Community Employment


Powered by the drive to match the adults we serve with jobs they love, Star Industries + the Worx business models are all divisions of Friendship Community Care, Inc., created specifically to offer community-based jobs to individuals unable to find work in the competitive market.


Laundry Worx  • Pottery Worx  •  Lawn Worx  •  Janitorial Worx


Pottery Worx.™ A division of Friendship Community care.


FCC’s Pottery Worx business model operates as welcoming storefronts within Arkansas communities. Each store offers art and pottery classes + hosts birthday parties and special events for children and art-lovers alike – they also employ adults with disabilities who enjoy being around people in a fun customer-service environment.





We encourage true community integration


We believe community integration is the background to a happy and healthy life, for all of our adults – which is why we’ve developed our own unique business models that operate as storefronts within each community we serve. From laundry services to art galleries, the subsidiaries of FCC have provided thousands of jobs for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities, right in the heart of the communities they live in.


Star Industries.™ A division of Friendship Community Care.


Star employs high-functioning adults living with a disability through corporate packaging contracts, and community-led partnerships by way of lawn care, industrial cleaning, and maintenance services.




To be eligible for Waiver services, an individual must be a resident of Arkansas and meet diagnostic medical criteria. This means that the individual will have substantial limitations in three or more areas of major life activity (self care, language, learning, mobility, self direction, and/or independent living), and the onset of disability must have occurred between birth and 22 years of age.