Developmental Preschools


Friendship Community Care’s Developmental Preschools are learning hubs for children aged six weeks to five years with developmental disabilities or delays + children who qualify for the Arkansas Better Chance program. FCC prepares children for success in integrated and therapeutic classroom settings, so that they have the skills they need to continue growing with strength and independence throughout Kindergarten and grade school – and into awesome grown-ups.

We believe that early intervention can change the course of a child's development.


Developmental Preschool Services


Developmental Testing
Occupational Therapy
Vision Therapy
Family Training
Physical Therapy
Before + After Hours Care
Speech Therapy
Arkansas Better Chance
Therapeutic Classrooms

Meet Uriel.

Uriel attends Preschool at FPS.

Enrollment begins with a complimentary Developmental Screening


 To schedule your child’s appointment, call or stop by any of our FPS locations.
(we’ll walk you through all therapy options, and the financial aid process, too)


Meet Allen.

Allen is gearing up for Kindergarten.




Arkansas Better Chance + Child Care


Friendship’s Developmental Preschools offer a limited amount of child care openings for families that qualify for the Arkansas Better Chance program.

For current ABC enrollment availability, call or drop by any of our FPS locations.

Meet Danny.

Danny eats lunch at the table with his friends now, thanks to his special chair.

Intro Pages 1415.indd Outpatient Therapy

Outside of our Developmental Preschools, FCC offers in-home therapy visits and outpatient therapy clinics with after-school hours for children, from birth to 21 years of age.


Connect directly with our team of experts for personalized information.