The purpose of the Friendship Foundation is to secure philanthropic and voluntary resources in support of Friendship Community Care. This support ensures our clients receive quality service that empowers them to live lives of dignity and independence. Furthermore, the Friendship Foundation supports Friendship Community Care which:

Serves over 2,000 clients across the state of Arkansas with approximately 1,650 well trained and equipped employees to promote excellence and leadership in the care we offer our communities.

Empowers and assists our clients from 6 weeks old throughout their life span.

Invests in the lives of each client in order to provide the highest quality of service and additional resources to promote excellence in the experience our clients receive.

We see success stories happen every day!

We ask for you to join in our mission of providing a life of dignity and independence for all our current and future clients. To help make a difference every day and support Friendship Community Care contact:

Ashley Bryant, Executive Assistant ~ Friendship Foundation
479.219.4396 |

Friendship Foundation also offers giving opportunities through our newly established planned giving program. Let us help you tailor your charitable gift to your financial, tax or estate planning objectives. Visit for more information.