Therapeutic Foster Care

The Therapeutic Foster Care sees the masterpiece within each child and provides a loving environment crucial to a child’s success.

The Therapeutic Program Foster Care finds loving homes for children during a time of temporary from being with their birth family. Supporting and guiding children in foster care gives them the skills and confidence for soaring above their life circumstances.

The children who enter the foster care system are there because they were victims of serious abuse and neglect in their own homes. They often come into care with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Due to the lack of foster care homes in Arkansas, the State of Arkansas is transporting children to neighboring states for temporary foster care placement.


Arkansas fostercare families

Therapeutic Program Foster Care supports its specialized foster care resource families in their journey by:

Providing knowledge of the services, training, and technology/equipment and funding available for children with special needs.
Having staff on-call and available for you 24-hours a day in case of emergencies.
Coordinating Intellectual/Developmental Disability (I/DD) Case Management supports and services.

In addition, each eligible child meeting the IDD criteria is provided with adequate supports and services related to Person Centered Service Plan under the current Community and Employment Services Waiver program. These collaborative services have been linked to proven success of thriving Foster Care placements.

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Make a Difference

Childhood is a time when we learn about values, the difference between right and wrong, building self-esteem and pride by accomplishing goals, the importance of education, and more.

Good foster parents help children learn these life lessons, sometimes for the first time. They help children get on the right path to become successful self-sufficient adults, even children with significant complex medical and behavior healthcare needs can thrive and find success as adults.

Arkansas fostercare families

How Can You Help?

Please consider becoming a foster parent. Our goal is to recruit 25 new foster homes. To learn more please contact Angela Traweek at 1-479-264-6352 or 1-800-461-1793.

Become a foster parent today and create a strong legacy for a child’s future.